7.5″ GAUGE, 1.5″ SCALE

The Friends of the Nevada Southern Railway Live Steamers operate a large Live Steam layout south of the Display Pavilion. The layout is in 7.5″ gauge, which means the rails are 7.5 inches separated between themselves. Typical locomotives and the building models are all modelled 1.5 inches to the foot. Starting in April of 2011, the Live Steamers have built over 2200 feet of track and have included elements such as working trestles, tunnels, passenger station, and many model buildings throughout the grounds, with the purpose of educating the public on the days gone by of steam railroading.

Our facilities include a passenger station for public trains and a steaming bay set up, all built by hard working crews of Friends volunteers!

Run days open to the public are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month (except July & August), and for special events. Steam locomotives may not be available on every run day. Other locomotives may be substituted as necessary.

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