Boulder City Branch Line

Constructed in 1930 by the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (a subsidiary of Union Pacific) at a cost of $840,000, the 23 mile line was built to facilitate the transportation of goods to the future townsite of Boulder City and the construction of Hoover Dam. The museum continues to operate 5 miles of this historic Track

Hoover Dam Construction

Boulder City was the federal townsite established for workers on the dam project. Both the U.S. Government and Six Companies operated railroads between the Boulder City Yard and Hoover Dam. Learn how railroads made the dam possible, and continued to facilitate the construction process into the 1960s.

Nevada Test Site

Did you know the Nevada Test Site maintained and operated its own railroad? The Jackass and Western operated in support of the Nuclear Rocket Development program and other nuclear research undertaken at Area 25. This unique collection can only be found in Boulder City.

Railroading in Nevada

From the late 19th century to the present, railroads have proven the most reliable and efficient means of moving large quantities of goods to market. From mining short lines to major national carriers, track the progress of railroading in Nevada and learn how railroad built the state.