Alert: 2:00pm and 4:00pm trains do not run July and August due to extreme heat.

Museum Expansion Project

The Division of Museums and History working in conjunction with State Public Works has contracted LGA Architecture of Las Vegas to design the expanded museum campus. The expansion will be undertaken in three phases: a visitor center with museum exhibits, a linear park, and additional railroad exhibit display areas including an exhibit hall.


The first phase of the expansion project will construct a new visitor center at the corner of Boulder City Parkway and Nevada Highway. A new passenger loading platform for the museum’s interpretive excursion trains will be constructed adjacent to the Visitor’s Center with access to both standard and narrow gauge tracks. Guest parking is included in this construction phase, along with an unloading zone for school buses and group tours.

The City of Boulder City in conjunction with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada will construct an access road with additional parking that will connect the Visitor Center to Yucca Street and provide access to businesses adjacent to the museum campus.


The second phase of the museum’s expansion project will be the development of a linear park that runs the length of the museum campus along the lower level adjacent to the new access road. This park incorporates the museum’s current live steam 7.5″ interpretative railroad and will add an outdoor amphitheater, a railroad themed children’s playground, leisure areas, and additional restroom facilities.

This phase will also see the construction of the Boulder City Railroad Trail. This trail for bicyclists and pedestrians will connect to the Mountain Loop Trail near Veterans Memorial Parkway allowing outdoor recreation enthusiasts access to historic Boulder City.

Phase 2 of the museum expansion is partnered with Nevada Department of Conservation and Public Resources, City of Boulder City, and Boulder City Chamber of Commerce.


The final phase of the museum expansion will see the construction of an exhibit hall on the east side of the campus adjacent to the visitor center and passenger loading platform. The exhibit hall will contain a standard gauge and narrow gauge track for the indoor display and interpretation of historic pieces within the museum’s collection. On the west end of the campus, additional track and shade structures will be constructed adjacent to the current museum display pavilion adding additional display area and shelters that help protect our rolling stock for future generations.


The museum is working to extend its excursion train operations an additional mile into Henderson. Plans call for the excursion train to cross the I-11 bridge then proceed down a section of track before stopping at Paradise Hills Drive and returning to Boulder City. Negotiations are on-going with the City of Henderson who owns the track.