Alert: 4:00pm trains are cancelled for remainder of summer due to extreme heat.

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CARSON CITY, Nevada – Riding the rails in Southern Nevada has a brand new definition – and a new type of adventure for visitors and locals alike.

Rail Explorers – a business that offers specially designed pedal-powered, two- and four-seat vehicles that ride on the tracks of the Nevada Southern Railway – debuted this week at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City.

The limited season is scheduled to run through April before shuttering through the hot summer weather.

Participants purchase tickets and then take a guided four-mile, one-way ride from the railroad museum to Railroad Pass, where they are picked up by a special train and returned to the museum. The full experience lasts about 2 hours.

Human-powered “cars” were long a part of railroading, most notably hand cars where operators stood and pumped a handle to propel the cars. The Rail Explorers resemble recumbent bicycles with comfortable seats with back rests and pedals.

“The trip is quite easy,” said Randy Hees, director of the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City. “You are on a downgrade to Railroad Pass, so you can almost coast.”

With safety in mind, riders are spread out on the track with up to 200 feet from one group to the next. One guide leads the pack, while another brings up the rear. The spacing is designed to allow participants to go at their own pace and enjoy the scenery and solitude of the ride.

The tours are held up to four times a day – 10 a.m., Noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. – Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets for a tandem bike are $85, while the quad bikes are $150. The cost also includes the return train trip and admission to the railroad museum.

Tickets can be purchased at the passenger platform or online at

The Nevada State Railroad Museum is located at 601 Yucca St., Boulder City. For more information, call 702-486-5952.

Riders pedal a quad Rail Explorer during opening week of operations at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City. The Rail Explorers come in two- and four-person models. Photo courtesy Nevada State Railroad Museum